All Prescription Drugs Abuse Leads To Addiction – Myth

What is a prescription drug?

Prescription drugs are those which are available to general public only on the production of some kind of written instruction from the doctor to the medical pharmacist. Prescription drugs were first known to be used from 1951.

6 of the most prescribed drugs

In the order of the number of prescriptions that were written in the year 2010, the names of six drugs that were mostly prescribed in US are;

 Hydrocodone in combination with acetaminophen – Approximately 131 million issued prescriptions.

 Generic Zocor a cholesterol -lowering drug – Around 94 million issued prescriptions.

 Lisinopril a blood pressure control drug – Nearly 87 million issued prescriptions.

 Generic Synthroid a thyroid medication- About 70 million issued prescriptions.

 Generic Norvasc a blood pressure drug – Roughly 57 million issued prescriptions.

 Generic Prilosec an antacid – Nearly 53 million issued prescriptions.

Does all prescription drug abuse lead to addiction?

Not at all. Abuse of all prescription drugs do not lead to addition. Some of the drugs don’t act on the brain. Antibiotics which treat infections do not cause addiction. Before taking any drugs the information on the label and the prescription should be read properly. This includes the instruction of the doctor, the quantity to be taken, the interval at which it should be taken , the possible side effects, whether it should be taken with or without any food, if it interacts with any other drugs etc. If you follow the instructions properly then you can save yourself from being abused. If you have any kind of doubt regarding the intake of the medication you should get in touch with your doctor immediately.

According to me if you face any problem after taking any of the prescription drugs, then better consult your physician and not stop it or change the dosage on your own.

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Misuse Of Prescription Drugs

What are prescription drugs?

These are those drugs which should be taken only with a doctor’s consent. If taken on your own they can prove to be dangerous. Though most of us are aware of the fact still it has been seen that some adults and teens misuse these drugs. The drugs which are to be taken only under strict instruction of the doctor can cause serious health consequences if taken in incorrect doses on our own.

What do we mean by abuse of these drugs?

If a medication is taken in a different manner from what the physician has prescribed, it is known as abuse. Abuse could be in the following ways;

• Consuming a medicine for a different reason other than the one it has been prescribed for.

• Increasing the dose on your own.

• Using a different mode to take the medicine, like if an oral medicine is crushed and then injected.

• Using the medicine as an addiction.

Every medication has some side effect; that is why they should not be taken without a doctor’s prescription. But people who intentionally abuse them hardly bother about how unsafe it may be for their health.
I personally know someone who abuses prescription drugs but I am not aware how to convince him to stop this misuse.

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How to select a good pediatrician?

If you have kids you will know the importance of having a good pediatrician on speed dial. I have two boys, one is seven and the other is five. Since I have already told you that I have a pediatrician on speed dial, I need not add that both of them are a little too active. I understand that boys will be boys. They will run around, jump the fence, climb the trees, play in the rain and mud, but the problem is that they get hurt too often. Earlier, when they were toddlers, I used to follow a particular set of prescription drugs for the few health problems. But along with them the variety of injuries also grew. Thank God for my doctor I am always equipped. But recently that changed too.

My husband got a promotion, which is good but he got transferred because of that, which is bad. Recently we moved to Seattle and immediately I was looking for a good doctor for the kids. Though I was in good terms with the last doctor and consulted him from time to time, I needed someone local. And like every mother I wanted the best for my children. So, I made a list of the qualities that I wanted in my family doctor and went ahead with it.


My first priority was to find a doctor who was highly qualified. Rather than looking for a doctor I searched for the best pediatrician in Settle and got appointments with them. I was looking for someone who was specialized in treating children.


Since my children are used to getting hurt because of their daredevil games I needed someone who was well reputed in treating physical injuries. Thanks to the internet I got a lot of reference in the city and I could also read some of the cases that are handled by the doctors. Some websites also had the patient reviews. This little research helped me in selecting a reputed pediatrician.


Since the kids were growing I couldn’t stick to a few prescription drugs. They needed to visit a doctor and get medicines for their particular conditions. Sometimes they would hurt their head and sometimes they would break a tooth. At times there was a rash from the mud, while the other day they caught a cold. So, I needed a doctor who will be available during emergencies. Even if he is out of town or busy in another appointment he should be available for consultation over the phone.


Kids are not good patients. They are moody and throw tantrums when they are unwell. As a mother I could deal with their tantrums but will the doctor deal with it too? I have met enough pediatricians to know that the good ones are great with kids. A child specialist must know his way around a grumpy kid to examine him and give him prescription drugs.

These are the four main factors that I considered while choosing a doctor for my children. I hope they will help you in finding a good pediatrician as well.

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How to be careful with your medication?

Anybody can fall ill. Today everyone has a fast and hectic lifestyle which is affecting their health. Be it lack of exercise or bad eating habit there are more people visiting the doctors and queuing up at the medicine store. Sadly I am one of them. I have a very busy schedule that I strive very hard to maintain every day. There is a job and family with kids that I balance all the time. And at times I depend too much on fast food for refueling myself. Because of all this recently I took a bad stomach bug and had to visit the doctor and get prescription drugs.

One of my colleagues suffered from the same problem and got the same medicines as mine. However, where I started to recover quickly, she remained unwell. Since we were both suffering from the same illness and had the same medicine it was strange that one got well while the other didn’t. When we visited our doctor for a follow up examination he explained that only having the medicines would never help cure the illness. There were certain important measures that had to be taken as well.

After consulting the doctor I realized that I took those measures unknowingly while my colleague did not. Now that I know the importance of being careful with medication let me share those measures with you as well.

Medical history

As soon as I went to see the doctor I discussed my medical history with him. I told him all about the various prescription drugs that I took in the past for various diseases. Since I was allergic to a few chemicals I informed about them as well.

Understanding the prescription

I took time with my doctor and understood the prescription well. I asked him questions like, what was the schedule that I had to maintain. What should I do if I miss a schedule? Can I replace a drug with another if it is not available in the store? Are there any side effects of the medicines? Etc. this helped me to create a back up for my prescription.

Maintain the medicine schedule

I was very strict with the medicine schedule. I took the medicines at the same time every day. My doctor said that it was essential to maintain a fixed time for the medication so that the body adjusts to it. Because of it I recovered faster than my colleague.

Prepared for the side effects

Since I had already read about the side effects of the medicine at the online pharmacy reviews 2014 I was prepared for it. I know that after taking the medicine I had to rest for a while because I might feel drowsy.

Continued with the medicine

Even after feeling better and fit after having the medicine for three days I completed the course that was for full seven days. According to the prescription drugs were to be continued for seven days. That’s not what my colleague did so she had to go through the medication again. Following the prescription and consulting the doctor is extremely essential.

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